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Traveling to the Nushagak River- Dillingham, Alaska

The Nushagak River is unique with it’s large number of fish, but many believe the numbers are due to the fact that much of the Nushagak and it’s tributaries lie in the Alaskan Bush. With no downward pressures of man’s footprint, these fish exist the way they have for thousands of years. Often times, travel to the Alaskan Bush might involve numerous connecting flights from Anchorage, but lucky for us, travel to this part of the Alaskan Bush is very easily accessible from Anchorage.

Nushagak River float  Plane

Alaska King Salmon Adventures is located at river mile 45 on the Nushagak and lies only about 60 miles from the town of Dillingham. Dillingham is one of Alaska’s great fishing ports and as a result you can expect daily jet service to and from Anchorage. Your flight to and from Anchorage is only about 50 minutes in length providing just enough distance to get away from the crowds, but not far enough away to be inconvenient.

Nushagak River AKSA guest arrival

From Dillingham you’ll get to experience a perfectly timed 15 minute float plane trip from Dillingham to the front door of Alaska King Salmon Adventures. Your flight will be hosted by Freshwater Air which features two Grumman Goose amphibious planes. Freshwater Air is located just a few steps from the arrival gates at Dillingham Airport making for a very simple transfer. All our flights to our lodge camp take off around 1pm as our guests from the previous week will be flown out and new arrivals brought in. Should you need, or want to overnight in Dillingham we have a little bed and breakfast with transportation available to and from the airport.

We’re here to make your trip to Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River as simple and convenient as possible. Be sure to call us should have any unanswered questions.