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Nushagak River Fly Fishing

With the largest King/Chinook Salmon Run in Alaska, hundreds of thousands of Chum, Coho/Silver Salmon and a huge population of resident rainbow trout, musky and grayling, the Nushagak River may sport the best fly fishing in Alaska.

With out having first seen the complexity of the Nushagak River system it’s hard to understand how incredibly diverse the river really is. A week of hard fishing will only show you the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to your options as a fly fishermen and you could really come back for years and still leave year after year wondering what sort of water lies around the next bend, or up the next unnamed tributary. Nushagak River Fly Fishing is truly in a class of it’s own.

nushagak river fly fishing

If you take a look at the satellite imagery around our camp you will begin to fathom the possibilities. The lodge camp sits right on the main stem of the Nushagak with the East Fork just a slough passage away. The Nushagak, around our camp, is littered with creeks, small tributaries, back channels and sloughs that go on forever. At various points during our fishing season, each of these pieces of water will contribute different opportunities for different species. Call the Nushagak the buffet of the  fly fishing world as each day can bring a new piece of water, species and experience that you’ll want to relive over and over again. Maybe that’s why some of the best fly fishermen in the world make their dates at our lodge.

Fly fishing for King Salmon is the main attraction for most of our traditional fishermen. And although a single hand fly rod will produce, the Nushagak River is really made for a spey rod. 14-15 weight, 14-16 foot spey rods are absolutely lethal tools on what may be the best swing river in the state.

nushagak river fly fishing

Why is it so good?

Gravel bars that run for hundreds of yards that very in depth from 4-8 feet in depth coupled with one hundred thousand plus aggressive Kings is a combination made in heaven. Nushagak Kings will track down and absolutely smash swung streamers. Really, it’s not a grab, it’s first degree asault as chrome bright Kings hammer a variety of streamers and traditional spey flies. Yes, the swing is the thing and for anyone who’s tried it on the Nush, it will set a new standard for any future trips to measure up to. It’s really that special.

Give us a call, we’re here to answer any questions you might have for your fly fishing trip on the Nushagak River.