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Nushagak River Fishing

nushagak river fishing

Nushagak River- World Class Salmon Fishing

Nushagak River fishing is considered the best in Alaska, if not the world. A million Sockeye, one hundred plus thousand King or Chinook Salmon, two to three hundred thousand Silver or Coho Salmon and four hundred thousand Chum. More impressive yet- they arrive in force over about a four month period.
Yes it’s remarkable and it’s the reason why Alaska King Salmon Adventures exists on the Nushagak River- to showcase to our clients and the world the very best of what Alaska sport fishing has to offer.

Fishing starts in early June as Chinook/King Salmon begin entering the system. By about the middle of the month of June Chinook/King Salmon ranging in weight from 15-50 pounds will be dispersed through the lower hundred miles of the system. New arrivals show up with every new high tide as Chinook/King Salmon make their annual return to some of the best Salmon habitat in the world.

nushagak river fishing

Alaska King Salmon Adventures takes the fishing on the Nushagak River very seriously and provides the very best equipment that you’ll find on the river. First class fishing boats, Shimnano Reels, G. Loomis Rods and all the gear necessary to make sure that you’re treated like a king on one of Alaska’s best Salmon fishing rivers.

Although everyday is different 20-60 King/Chinook Salmon a day is common and we’ll entertain numerous triple digit days per season.

During the last week of June, Chum Salmon will begin entering the lower reaches of the river and start making up some of the catch. Chum are very aggressive biters and can be good eaters as well. Good eaters? Absolutely! Nushagak River Chum Salmon are different that most Chum as they enter the river as bright as a nickle. Many don’t believe it and even think they’ve caught an early Silver, but 90% of the time it’s a beautiful, hard fighting ten to fifteen pound Chum.

About the second week of July tens of thousands of Sockeye Salmon make their way into the Nushagak River every day. It’s hard to fathom at this point as we’re in the prime of the Chinook/King run, the prime of the Chum run and now comes a million Sockeye. The truth is, words can’t do the size of the biomass justice- so instead of words, we simply go fishing.

Towards the end of July Silvers/Coho will begin to make their annual appearance. 8-20 pounds and known for their hysterics, fishing for Nushagak River Silvers/Coho provides fishermen with off the chart success. In fact, it may be so good, that you’ll want to tone down the number of fish that you did catch as folks may not believe you.

nushagak river fishing

A majority of our clients gear fish with traditional rods and reels. More and more however are discovering Alaska King Salmon Adventures as a fly fishing destination as well. And why not? Catch Chum until you’re blue in the face. Swing flys to Chinook/King Salmon and feel the grab of a lifetime on gravel bars that offer the very best opportunity for a fly fisherman. For more check out our Nushagak River Fly Fishing page.

Alaska King Salmon Adventures is truly a world class lodge camp and we look forward to your questions that might make your trip to the Nush a reality. For more on your trip to the Nushagak River, visit our lodge/camp page to learn more about the accomodations.